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Midnight Radio compilation various artists 13.

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Midnight Radio compilation various artists 13.

1. Der Domestizierte Mensch - Du bist ja nicht normal
Noise Ambient

2. UFO Prjct - Still Raining
Members: MileSound BASS, SoulSwitch On.
June 24th 1947. Kenneth A. Arnold is an American pilot who claims he saw 9 unusual flying object near Washington, while he was looking for a missing U.S.A‘s aircraift. It is the first “official” case of UFO.
Nowadays music is one of the most successful media in diffusion of emotion and information; artists are mass produced, their paths are already drew, their genres are already settled up, or they will not be part of the show business. Appearance is a way of life in art too, the way to face the world, that you believe it or not.
But you can not touch music, it flyes, it goes from a country to another, all around the Earth. It’s an Unidentified Flying Object.
Against any racial theory, there will be no differences between ethnicities, we’ll all be the same, a melting pot. So in music we’re trying to find a way out.
Ufo prjct it’s born for this. No one is pretending to do just one single genre. The only certain thing is that what we write, what we play, is what we feel.

3. Emmanuele Gattuso - Bist du auch in meinem Traum
"Italy’s Emmanuele Gattuso whose work bridges lofi confessional songwriting, heavy industrial driven loops and electro- acoustic based electronic ambient into a singular, moody collection. Electronic whispers, ominous low-tone, smouldering static." -

4. N-URSS - Tunguska Part I
BIO: N-URSS is a one man project created by Erg in 2007. In this year, “Victory”, the first demo was released. The music is inspired in a postapocalyptic soviet world. "Soyuz", the second album was released in 2010.

5. LndMthrFckr - Dir
LndMthrFckr/Eclectronic Producer/GHGR Management
Dirt "Midnight Radio Compilation Remasterized Edit"
xtract from Rocket Science IDMLP0012 by LndMkr

6. Christian Fiesel - Door Bells
Door Bells (5:53) vom Album “Construction Time On Lunarscape”, erschienen auf 2013 auf SD-023
Fzkwolf aka Christian Fiesel ist ein Experiemental/Ambientmusiker aus Norddeutschland. Seit 1997 arbeitet er mit verschiedensten Stillen von Musique Concrete bis klassischem Synthesizerequipment an unterschiedlichsten CDs / Projekten.
When the universe came into existence, it created sounds that are still audible to us today. These are the sounds of entire worlds springing into being, of galaxies forming and star systems evolving. A universe of inspiration, an endless ocean of possibilities that writers, artists, filmmakers and musicians have used to tap into, a vast resource of creative energy.
One such musician is Christian Fiesel, also known as FZKWolf, born and raised in northern Germany's Hamburg, who has been floating in the musical spheres of the universe since his school days in the early 1980s. At first very much down to earth with garage rock bands, he soon stumbled onto Kraftwerk, these strangers in the strange land of Krautrock, the masters of electronic world building. Inspired by their otherworldly harmonies, Fiesel delved into Science Fiction films like Alien or Blade Runner and developed his uncanny ability to create soundscapes – his aim to musically conjure up dark, unnamed worlds, to fill the void of space with atmospheric sounds, to breathe chords of life. For a couple of years he tried to balance commercial interests and experimental creativity by co-ownership of the Hamburg based State Department Productions and Studio Hammer Deich. He helped produce more than 20 CDs of various projects, from Industrial to Dance, from Rock to Pop, but none ever filled his passion as much as his soundscapes did. When the company was sold in 1999 he retreated to the countryside, taking only his musical inspirations and some equipment. FZKWolf was born and ever since Fiesel has been hard at work to offer up soundscapes of dark, droning sublimity. His trademark Dark Ambient music leaves the listener drifting in space, no rhythms to hold on, experience the full impact of the music. Other times then his sample, gathered from all kinds of sources, musical, medial, natural or industrial, generate rhythms, become more accessible and lighter, but they always retain that universal quality, that moment of pure science fictional outlook. They always remain soundscapes of worlds to be discovered.

7. Deutsches Kulturgut - Dezemberlicht

8. Kevin Lyons - Down the Gravity Well
Ambient and electronic music

9. Playman54 - Frozen Lights
a home recording artist,in space ambient,electronic avengarde music

10. Perceptual Defence - Star Flight Dream
Perceptual Defence is the musical Project of Gabriele Quirici (Psychotherapist and Musictherapist from Rome - Italy). He started composing and producing Music since 1993 and since then has made more than 40 cds. Part of them are Music created for his Musart Musictherapy Group and original Soundtracks for Butoh Dance and Art performances created for his Friend Butoh Dancer Alessandro Pintus and his Dance Company (Non-Company). Some of his Albums such as Sounds from Space, Wishstone and the mini cds Reset to zero, Free Sounds after 24H Silence and Where the green Ants dream (with Oophoi) were produced by the Umbra and Penumbra Label. From 2013 SynGate Label produced the Albums Physis and Illumina Tenebras.

11. MileSound BASS - Weekend Deadlock (Dilated Pupils Rec)
MileSound BASS was born as Gianluca Suanno in 1988, Italy. In 2002 I started listening rap and producing beats. Time after time I approached many other genres. I met electronic music in London, and then I began to do djing.
In 2011 I obtained the certification of EMP (Electronic Music Production) at SAE Milan, with 100/100. At the same time I worked at the mixtape "Souldato" of SoulSwitchOn; with whom I founded the crew Fahrenheit 451: a rap-electronic music project. At the end of 2011 I finished the production of my first album "Logical Progression" (Ephedrina netlabel December 2011) that collects all the musical influences of my past year, from classical music, soul beats for rap, reggae, music rave, hardcore, to dubstep and drum and bass. free While the release of "Logical Progression" was in progress, I began to play other genres: IDM, downtempo, glitch, techno and ambient.
In Nov 2012 I published "Gates To The Unknown EP" (Artak netlabel November 2012). free
In April 2013 I published the third, last album "WE ARE ALL BORN MAD, some remain so" (RXSTNZ rec), a title borrowed from "Waiting For Godot" (S.Beckett). free

12. Phrozenlight - Für Peter, Traume weiter
Formed in 1995, Dutch musician Phrozenlight, aka Bert Hulshoff, creates electronic spacemusic and ambient soundscapes, often with a ‘Berlin-school’ influence. Many of his pieces are created as live improvisations on analogue equipment or computer software, with little studio editing afterward. Much of his extensive catalog of work is available for free download, with other albums available on cd-r and from music download boutiques.
Phrozenlight has had several collaborations including Dutch Space Mission with Von Haulshoven (Netherlands), and the duo have played several concerts including E-Live. His Music is as downloads available at
and on Bandcamp
some other links
He creates imaginary travels into the dark with his electronic spacescapes.
His music has a lot of elements from the so called "Berlin School", but also neo-classical or avant garde and experimental influences.
BTW He does not like the term "Berlin School" , it is to much a cage.
He is not using any musical rules, this because he is amusical, and has no musical ears, and rhythm......well just do not ask him ;)
Equipment that he uses today:
Yamaha AN1x
Roland Vintage Synth M-VS1
Casio XW-P1
Roland SH-201
Novation KS-rack with Doepfer MAQ16/2 sequencer
and some fx
Electro Harmonix Cathedral
Alesis Nanoverb
LEM digital FX22
BOSS DD20 Giga Delay
Magix Samplitude Music Studio
and sometimes FREE VSTi and Buzztracker

13. Mictian - R.D.A.
Mictian - Proyecto Dark Ambient Chileno.Mictian - Chilean Dark Ambient Project.
Mictian comienza el año 2004, como projecto personal de ACAA, impulsado por la atraccion de sonidos oscuros y ambientales, tomados como base de bandas y solistas de estilos y tendencias dark ambient, darkwave, neoclassical, black metal y algunos otros generos musicales.
Mictian NO es una banda. Es un projecto solista, hecho solo con el fin de alimentar el deseo sonoro y musical de su único integrante.
Existen dos Trabajos a la fecha. El primero distribuido solo entre amigos, y el segundo distribuido a traves de la internet
Actualmente Mictian sigue trabajando en nuevos sonidos y composiciones.

14. Eltronik - Cryo
Eltronik (Ivan Ganza) is a Canadian music producer of new age, deep
ambient and meditative textures -- transporting listeners to new
places and realms. Both ethereal and peaceful, lush and sublime.
Places both deep and wide, as expansive and deep as space itself.

15. vÄäristymä - Boletus Reauyi
Janne Liimatainen and Jarko Hedenius, two brothers from Helsinki, Finland, began creating music with computers in 1992. Within a few years, the computers gave way to the raw and primitive world of analogue gear.
When some experimental, self-made sound-sustaining structures were added, the music began to evolve into a more unexpected and exploratory direction and vÄäristymä was born. The music was created without synchronization, without any kind of metronomic coordination, and recorded exclusively in one take. During the group’s first ten years, a lot of music was made but never published. The archived songs had to wait for the last few years when vÄäristymä started to use their archives to produce music videos with the same uncompromising spirit with which the music was originally created.
Today, vÄäristymä's works can be heard and seen on many different labels.

16. Kosmos Ambient - Death of Laika
Mikael Kosmos is here to bring organic back to electronic. He's a dedicated overtone and throat singer, multi-instrumentalist and a live producer, which means that no pre made loops are used. Everything is made there on the spot so it is fully interactive with the energies of the atmosphere. He calls it organic electronic.He combines modern and ancient into a peculiar stream of consciousness manifesting itself into powerful sound vibration. Mikael Kosmos started Kosmos Ambient as acapella ambient and the first recordings were made by only looping his voice through guitar effects. As evolution went on, Mikael got more experience, equipment and is aiming higher and higher. He being a throat singer, it was only natural to bring it's psychedelic-shamanic vibrations to the mix to channel the ancient to this age of accelerating cultural fusion.

17. Cousin Silas - Objects In Reverse
Cousin Silas was born in 1959 and raised in the Colne Valley in West Yorkshire. He draws inspiration from such diverse sources as JG Ballard, Fortean events, memories and Brian Eno. Cousin Silas has been creating richly-textured ambient electronic music since 1996. He hails from West Yorkshire.

18. Desh Alb - Whales 014
Ambient elettronic music, dark ambient, drone music, experimental, idm, downtempo. I grew up under the shadow of the '70s german cosmic music, listening to Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Manuel Götsching, Ash Ra Temple, Popul Vuh, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno and many other artists who were pioneers and creators of the modern electronic music. Desh Alb Project was born at the beginning of 2013. I mainly propose dark ambient, but more generally electronic music composed with Logic, virtual synth and iPad. My music is moving between light and dark, in a place where suggested melodies melt in the dissonance of the pure noise. Everday recordings mix with deep space sounds, acoustic landscapes apparently so remote but living in our subcounscious.If you want to travel with me, close your eyes and wear your headphones, or blast the sound out in the space. If I will catch your mind with my music, I will be very happy...Thanks for listening

19. Jesper Sorensen - Sound of industry
Jesper Sørensen was born in 1964 in Copenhagen, Denmark. At age 11
he started playing the guitar, and started to write his own music
when he was 14, improvising on various techniques. He went on to
teach himself to play a range of other instruments. His primary
influences are Mike Oldfield, Mark Knopfler, and Jean Michel Jarre.
At the age of 20 he formed his first band, 4us, and through playing
in various clubs and universities was invited to appear on the Danish
national radio. After a break of some years he and 3 friends formed
Half and Half, a cover version band, which became very popular, and
he spent the next 2 years performing and appearing again on
the Danish radio. He continued to experiment with different styles of music
and in 2000 moved to England where he now lives with his
wife and 2 children. He was diagnosed with cancer in early
2006 and after a year of treatment and recovery he
rediscovered the joy of making music and since January
2007 has produced and finished the album A New Time, Origin,
Twilight, the world of electron. He was again diagnosed with cancer
in early 2013 but despite treatments etc. He continued to produce music
and are close to finishing his 2 latest albums Skyrider and Synthology
soon to be released.
Copyright © - 16/11/2013- -Jesper Sørensen-. All rights reserved.

20. CLONED IN BRAZIL - Frolix 8
Craig Caudil is a solo artist with Two Projects. Stone Broxxa- Ambient score avante garde - Clone in Brazil- Industrial dark ambient with more resinating percussions, Lives in quiet German American Town Erlanger Kentucky. his Blog.

21. Member 01 - Afterhour
Fluggsheim Underground Music - SKY * WAVES * STARS *
Artist : Member 01 (Harald Bertram)
Additional Pages

22. ZX81 - Mart Ub
ZX81 is a solo project of Cesare Discepoli, born in the end of tweenty century age, with the first recording "0" track of ambient noise isolationism playing with prepared guitar and sound processor fx. In the 2006 record your first official release on Rustblade , "ononimo" CD , mix of industrial, ambient and idm music.He also part in various compilation like: "Schagstrom Krrrbrrtztzrr" - ItalyanBodyMusic" - "Koopnetlabel" - and remix at "Sanblasting Dna mutation " In the 2009 creates new project band "Nunun" , it's duo featuring Massimo Discepoli (Nheap) -Drums electronics - and Cesare Discepoli -guitar synth electronics that play music featuring improvisation and electronics with traditional instruments (guitar, drums). The duo's music is open to every kind of stylistical contamination and influence, from ambient to jazz, from modern electronic to avantgarde. In the 2013 new ZX81 album release "Minyak" out now!

23. Youthfulness - Tension Slowly Dies
I wrote this music to establish a getaway, the world that you don't get enough of. When we go about our lives, filling our stress levels to their brim and hoping that things go smooth enough to handle themselves... we forget how simple and beneficial silence and solace can be. I find myself writing in the midst of frustration and sometimes that's the only time when something beautiful will emerge to be written and composed, for I also find this time to be most beneficial to me in order for music to express what I feel. But for you, the listener, hopefully, it is the product of what you want, what you decide to envision, where you go when you don't go back to chaos.
Listen to it when you're doing homework
Listen to it when you're falling asleep
Listen to it when you just need a moment to calm down and find the positive in life
Listen to it when you have a problem that you know you must face alone


25. Halcyon - Autumn Breeze (Halcyon Remix)
Ambient producer from Melbourne, Australia
Hey, I'm Halcyon. I'm a hobbyist producer filling the time between his studies. No high aspirations; simply looking to share and network. Happy to answer any questions or discuss any element of what I post.
FL Studio 10 / VSTs / MIDI Keyboard

26. Ewphoria - Punch-Drunk Love
A sociopathic music producer from Chicago that spends most of his time watching snuff films while pondering life's deepest questions.

27. mutanT.R.I. - 13 Noises
I.v.MARTINEZ is a member of anti-all dada experiMENTAL industrial noise project TOTALITNY REZIM. His solo projects TOTAL E.T.,T.R.I.v.M. and mutanT.R.I. are devoted to exploring new territories in noiseland and based on alien origin.

28. Max Scordamaglia - Unalog Vs- 02
My name is Max Scordamaglia from Modena, Italy.

29. Miss Jenevieve Van-Veda - The Medical Student
I'm that Objectivist, Gothic Romantic, aesthetically conscientious, geekified, bookworm sort. I'm also a dancer, seamstress, writer, and a whisky lovin' stepford wife. Atheist. Vulcan. Browncoat. Gynoid. Yes...and modelling.
I am an extremely versatile and imaginative alternative model, dancer, and seamstress who enjoys 'creating an image' with fellow beings. I work for pay, but if you have a deliciously irresistible idea then please do share it and tempt me into TF. I always do my own make-up, hair, styling, concept, and have an extensive wardrobe to compliment my endless ideas. If I do not have what I need to perfect the image in mind then I will make it myself. For past shoots I have made my own outfits, accessories, props etc
I have published work in various websites and magazines and have worked with vastly disparate photographers. I also appear in two music videos as a dancer and model, both of which required designing and making my own outfits, doing my own hair and make-up, integrating my own conceptual ideas, and producing my own choreography. I have also worked behind the lens snapping promotional images for several bands.
And this is me in number format...
Stats: 34b-22-35
Dress size 6
5'1" tall
7st 9lbs
Shoes size 3
Green eyes
Shoulder Length black hair
Pale white skin

30. Karsten Hamre - Dioxide Universal
Audio Visual Artist originally from Stavanger, Norway but now residing in Bonifacio Global City, Philippines. Mainly working in the fields of music and photography. My photos mostly deal with things that surround us on a day to day basis, and the beauty of it, in its many shapes, forms and incarnations. I have also been active with music since 1994, when Penitent first came to life. Currently I record and release music under the names of Arcane Art, Defraktor, Dense Vision Shrine, Penitent, The Flux Komplex, as well as my own name. During the past years I have been performing audio visual shows either under my own name or as Defraktor, Dense Vision Shrine and Penitent.


Der Domestizierte Mensch
UFO Prjct
Emmanuele Gattuso
Christian Fiesel
Deutsches Kulturgut
Kevin Lyons
Perceptual Defence
MileSound BASS
Kosmos Ambient
Cousin Silas
Desh Alb
Jesper Sorensen
Member 01
Max Scordamaglia
Miss Jenevieve Van-Veda
Karsten Hamre

cover and layout: Julia Z.
compilation: glasklinge zeitenlicht

Midnight Radio compilation various artists, your place for underground music and sounds. enjoy and spread it worldwide. come with me.

[being part of one (or more) of next compilations various artists?
all styles are allowed. contact me.
(artist name, track name, website link [infos about you?] )
WAV, FLAC, MP3, etc.
send to (contact for email:
notice, some people think, this is a radio station and ask me to play her favorite song. this is not a radio station. this ist a free download compliation with various artists and her own, hand or software made music.

(dark) + ambient|avantgarde|experimental|electronic|and more
midnightradio-compilation is a part of:

regards, glasklinge zeitenlicht


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